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. the agend ahandling the crisis in egypt and if the u.s. will continue its financial military relationship. >>> premeditated murder. did the bladerunner plan to kill his girlfriend riva steencamp. >>> plus reggie wayne light ups the preseason. >>> are lilo's six trips to rehab enough for a turnaround. >>> and the most expensive car ever sold at auction. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for monday, august 19th. >>> good morning. i'm richard lui. today could be a difficult day for fire crews in the west. the beaver creek fire has scorched nearly 160 square miles. it's located about two hours east of boise. officials ordered the evacuation of some 2,300 homes but have some optimism at the moment as more crews arrive to fight the flames. >> it's emotional to see our landscape changing and to know that people that we love could possibly be in danger. >> we need an army out there and we've got it. hundreds of firefighters. i know they are doing all that they can. >> some 90 fire engines are on the ground working to protect homes and businesses. the fire started
department is clarifying it's policy on helmet mounted cameras used to capture a record of emergency scenes. fire officials said this afternoon that they have had a ban in place since 2009. banning firefighters from using recording devices at work. they say the one used at the scene of the crash sight was a personal camera mounted by a individual firefighter. >>> we're expected to learn more about what caused that deadly limousine fire. they will release how the fire was started. five women, including a bride to be, died on may 4th. orville brown was driving the investigation. he said his estranged wife and he were arguing on the phone when it happened. phone records show that is not true. >>> a singer is filing a lawsuit against the city of heyward. monte joins us with more on that story. >> good evening. as a result of the attack, lester chambers had to an a series of performances. back on july 13th, a woman jumped on teenage ae attacked him at the blues festival just after chambers dedicated a song to trayvon martin. the woman was charged with two felonies. her attorney claims she suffer
frugal. i just used to say to him, you know -- i said, when is it you're going to spend your money? what are you waiting for? >> so kay promised darla he would travel with her. see the world. but he made sure his bunker was stocked and he kept his guns close to hand. just in case. >> and then it was november 16th, 2009. darla was away watching her granddaughters. kay was alone at his house. >> 911, what's the address of your emergency? >> it was evening when the call came in. >> i have help on the way. i need to get information. are you sure that he's dead? >> darla was on her way home. her cell phone chirped. it was a neighbor. >> he said something terrible has happened. he says i think it's at your house. >> darla's mind flashed to kay and his guns. >> i thought, oh my gosh. he probably shot an invader or something. >> she phoned a family friend. >> she said something is going on. i'm alone. can you come bodown and meet wi me. >> police blocked off the road to led to kay and darla's house and now darla and chris thought exactly the same thing. >> kay probably shot someone. >> turned ou
, that could to cut as many as 4,000 jobs, 5% of the workforce. it wasn't all bad. fewer u.s. workers are being laid off. the weekly count of initial claims for state unemployment benefits dropped to the lowest level since october of 2007. charges have been brought up in the jpmorgan chase london whale investigation. manhattan u.s. attorney has brought conspiracy and wire fraud charges against two former traders known for outside derivatives bets that led to a $6 billion loss for jpmorgan last year. >> regulators need to be more vigilant. as i have been saying for some years now companies themselves need to pay closer attention to the cultures that they create. >> and elsewhere an airline delay, justice department filed suit to block the proposed merger of u.s. airways and american airlines citing concern of reduced industry capacity. the proposed merger would create the world's largest airline with more than $48 billion in annual revenue. >>> barry knapp, head of u.s. equity at barclays. zachary contractorabal president of river twice research and reuters and the atlantic, good did see you, th
in life. what this young mom saw that put her on a path to help hundreds of other mothers. stay with us, baby area proud is just getting started . >>> one thing we've learned through our bay area proud series is that the bay area is home to some of the smartest people you will find anywhere. this is a post baccalaureate fellow at lawrence berkeley lab. that is someone between college and grad school. he was the subject of this bay area proud. on the grounds of the lawrence berkeley national laboratory underneath the dome of building number 6 is where you find the advanced light source where electrons are pushed to such a speed they create a beam of light one billion times brighter than the sun. and it's where at the end of the beamline this fight bright light encounters something else bright and light. you see, you have to be to be where he is at his age. >> i'm 19. >> reporter: around his hometown of baton rouge, louisiana he is known as the kid who graduated with a degree in physics from southern university around the age many of his peers hadn't finished high school. it was nothing n
military closely aligned with the u.s. government, but they're not listening, they're not sort of honoring that alliance. >> right. >> what leverage does it give the u.s. to take the step you're advocating this morning? >> well, i think at this point, they're obviously getting the impression that no matter what they do, our aid will continue, so we do need to exercise our influence by saying we're going to follow the law, particularly in light of your recent violent crackdowns, suspend aid until you restore democracy, until you move to an inclusive process for elections, and obviously, a new constitution that allows all people to have a say in it, to respect people's rights. i think that's what we have to do at this point. we've tried to go down a road to get them to do the right thing. they're not doing that. and also, i would say this, david. the best way to marginalize the muslim brotherhood is in the ballot box, not through arrests and killing people. in fact, you're just going to encourage them to martyrdom, rather than just defeating them at the ballot box. they blew it when they wer
for the yankees slugger. his attorney joins us exclusively today, monday, august 19th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >>> good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie along side natalie morales and mike bettis is in for al this morning. this is our temporary home. how does it feel? >> i like it. i think it's great. i like it into august and maybe september. not sure i'd like it in february but i like it right now. >> i hope it doesn't rain. >> we brought an umbrella. >> we'll show you what's happening inside studio 1-a, it is a bit of a construction site today. >> they cleared the set out over the weekend. they work a lot faster than most contractors obviously and hopefully we'll have this done, as we mentioned, sometime in early september. we'll get back in there but right now it's fan appreciation week on the plaza. >> that's right. we have a lot of news about fan appreciation week. but in the meantime we have a lot of news to get to and we'll s
virtually explode with fire before their eyes. nbc's miguel almaguer is covering the story for us. he is in haley, idaho, tonight. miguel? >> reporter: lester, good evening. that plume of smoke behind me about mile away is the heart of the fire. just in front of me is a sprawling community. what worries firefighters so much tonight is what is in between these two, acres and acres of dry fuel. explosive, out of control and now closing in on 2300 homes. the beaver creek fire is a monster, moving in multiple directions. >> this is an extremely fast and dangerous fire. >> reporter: feeding on forest land, dry trees are blow torches, shooting flames and hot embers 100 feet into the air. >> right now, it's, you know, looks like a bomb went off over there. trees are down and gone. >> reporter: thick, choking smoke is smothering three resort communities, thousands warned fire could be next. >> this is craziness. i mean, our life is in our vehicles right now. >> reporter: a region that depends on tourism is tonight a ghost town. greg loomis is a fly fishing guide. >> my business has fallen off
for dead is the same man who gets off a bus here at 6:45 every evening. >> he used to have a suitcase on wheels and he used to bring that along with him every day at quarter to 7:00 every day. >> reporter: on saturday police say someone hit him while he was walking just east of harriet avenue in san jose. >> an older model pickup truck unknown make and model number was traveling westbound. at some point the two of them collided. >> reporter: it was dark and some people saw a pickup truck leaving the scene. >> we have no description of the driver as it was 8:45 at night and the sun had set. in that area this are not a lot of street lights. >> reporter: the pickup was white or beige in color with a red stripe on the hood. traffic is not heavy in the area and they don't know much about the victim. >> he left them there. >> reporter: but those who live here are in shock. >> how could you do that? how could anybody do that? it's terrible. >> reporter: the only thing we know about the victim is that he is a 61-year-old man. if you have information, please contact the chp. reporting live i'm
us. i'm jon kelley. marla tellez has the day off. in just about two hours we'll be learning what caused a deadly limousine burning on the san mateo bridge. they've finished their investigation and this afternoon the details will be given to the public. the limousine driver's brother says he will not be charged. >> reporter: the chp office here in redwood city, they're very busy. they're getting ready for the press conference at 1:00 this afternoon. his attorney's office will be here with a number of others. they're expecting to reveal what led to the fire in the first place to see if there was any criminal wrongdoing involved and also we're expected to hear the 911 tape. i did just get off the phone with the brother of the man who was driving the limousine across the san mateo bridge on may 4th. he says that his brother, orville ricky brown, hasn't been charged with any criminal wrongdoings, and if he were to be, it would have happened a long time ago. brown was driving 9 nurses to a hotel in foster city who were celebrating the marriage when the back of the limo caught fire. fau
herd is rival with more for us. >> reporter: police say they really need your help on this because they have very little to go on. they're looking for a ford pick up, and they say it's in connection with a fatal crash. it happened at 8:45 last night. one person told her neighbor she heard something, and the next thing she knew there was a man dead on the ground. >> she said she didn't hear a screech or anything. she just heard a loud thump. >> it is described as a late model full size ford pickup truck with oversized tires. it could have a red stripe down the hood. investigators say there may be damage to the right or left head lamp. we will have more coming up at 6:00. >> sheryl, thank you. in the north bay, police are searching for the driver of a pickup truck that dlamed into a home early this morning. the truck ended up in the living room. they helped an elderly woman to safety who was in a back room. >> the lady living in the house was unhurt, and the rear of the house listening to music at the time of the crash. >> police are still searching for the driver of the truck. >> a
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11

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